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Jack and Gail KennedyJack Kennedy – Founder & President, United Christian Ministries | Email Jack
Jack Kennedy grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and resides in Hattiesburg, MS with his wife Gayle. The thread throughout Jack’s life is his heart for the Lord and ministering to low-income families. After graduating from Louisiana State University with a B.S. in Agricultural Engineering, Jack served in the US Army. After leaving the military, Jack joined the staff of the Navigators where he met his wife Gayle while ministering to college students at NC State University in Raleigh, NC. He also served at Cherry Point Marine Airbase with the Navigators. Jack then worked as a contractor building houses in NC and Mobile, AL.  He came to Hattiesburg in 1982 to work for Mississippi Power as a service representative. After taking early retirement with Mississippi Power, Jack and Gayle were called to devote themselves full-time to ministering to low-income families in Hattiesburg. They founded United Christian Ministries in 2006 to share the Gospel of Christ and to show His compassion to the less fortunate in very real and physical ways. Jack and Gayle have six children and six grandchildren.

Derrick Crosby – UCA School President and Chaplain
Haley Cook-Kelley- UCA English and Social Studies Teacher
Mary Ann Rust – UCA Math and Science Teacher